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“Yet if design is such a powerful tool, why aren't more practitioners working in corporations? “然而,如果度假村VI设计是如此强大的工具,为什么没有更多的医生在公司工作? If economic value increasingly derives from such intangibles as knowledge, inspiration, and creativity, why don't we hear the language of design echoing down the corridors.如果越来越多地从经济价值等无形的知识,灵感和创造力,为什么不源于我们听到的度假村VI设计语言呼应了走廊。 Unfortunately, most business managers are deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to the creative process.不幸的是,大多数企业管理者是聋,哑,盲,当谈到创作过程。 They learned their chops by rote, through a bounded tradition of spreadsheet-based theory.他们学会了死记硬背的印章,通过电子表格的基础理论界的传统。 As one MBA joked, in his world, the language of design is a sound only dogs can hear” (Neumeier)作为一个MBA开玩笑说,在他的世界,度假村VI设计语言是一种声音只有狗才能听到“(Neumeier)
In the future, for businesses to become and remain successful and create the types of customer experiences that engage brains and hearts simultaneously, they will not only need to hire designers, but essentially become designers.在未来,为企业成为并保持成功,创造客户体验,同时从事大脑和心脏,种类他们不仅需要聘请度假村VI设计师,但基本上成为度假村VI设计师。 They will have to adopt the perspective of change, evolution, and innovation throughout all practices.他们将不得不采取在所有做法的变化,演化和创新的视角。 The solutions for problems of the past, whether they be production, customer service, or human capital-related should be addressed with an ever changing eye that redesigns processes and systems of solutions.对过去的问题,解决方案无论是生产,客户服务,或人力资本有关的应该用一个不断变化的眼睛重新度假村VI设计流程和解决方案的系统解决。
昔日的2008年9月 September 29th, 2008 2008年9月29日
Create it, and they will buy… 创建它,他们会买...

The real estate industry is in turmoil at the moment for obvious reasons of tighter lending conditions and the lack of financing options around the world.房地产行业正处于明显的原因,更严格的贷款条件和世界各地的资金缺乏选择的时刻,动荡。 With all of these troubles however, property speculators and buyers who still manage to have some cash on hand are among the lucky few who are able to make some worthwhile investments.随着这些所有的麻烦不过,物业投机者和买家谁仍设法手头现金中的一些少数幸运谁能够做出一些有价值的投资。 If you are one of these opportunistic investors for hospitality purposes or otherwise, experts are saying that your best bet might be to follow the artists in your city.如果你是为目的或以其他方式招待这些机会的投资者之一,专家们说,最好的办法可能是跟随在你的城市的宾馆VI设计家。 According to Business Week , these areas of town are often the diamonds in the rough that can prove to be a valuable investment:据商业周刊 ,城镇这些地区往往未经雕琢的钻石,可以被证明是一个有价值的投资:
“Soho was once one. “苏荷曾经之一。 So were Tribeca; Venice, Calif.; and Philadelphia's Old City.翠贝卡也是如此;威尼斯,加利福尼亚州和费城的老城区。 These former gritty neighborhoods once offered low-cost housing for artists.这些前坚韧不拔的居民区为宾馆VI设计家提供了一次低造价住房。

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