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We are continually adding to our FAQ section so if you do not see the question and answer you're looking for please let us know and we will give you an immediate answer and add to this section.我们正在不断加入到我们的常见问题部分,所以如果你没有看到这个问题,你要找的酒店LOGO设计答案,请让我们知道,我们会立即给你答复,并加入到这一节。

Click on a question below and the answer will appear.点击以下问题和答案将出现。

Can I send attachments with my order?我可以与我的订单发送附件?

What files do I receive and how are they used?我收到什么酒店LOGO设计文件,以及如何使用它们?

British Logo Design supply a number of files suitable for print and web use.英国标志设计提供的文件打印和网络使用适当数量。 Don't worry if you can not open certain files, you need specialised software to open some of the files we send that are meant for professionals.不要担心,如果你不能打开某些文件,需要专门的软件来打开我们发送的文件被一些专业人士的意思。

Below is a list of files we send as part of our packages, (unlike most of our competitors we do not charge to supply) along with a short description of how they can be used.下面是一个文件,我们作为我们的软件包的一部分发送,同时对如何使用它们的简短描述(不像我们的竞争对手,我们最不充电电源)名单。

This is most probably the most well known and common image file type.这是最有可能的最知名的和常见的图像文件类型。 You will be able to open this file type on your computer and can use it for most on-screen needs such as your website and Microsoft products like Word and PowerPoint.您可以打开这个计算机上的文件类型,可以使用大多数的屏幕,如您的网站,像Word和PowerPoint的Microsoft产品需要它。 This file type is of reasonably low quality and not ideally for print.这个文件类型是合理的酒店LOGO设计低质量,而不是打印理想。

.GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) 。GIF(图形交换格式)
Again, a well know file type suitable for most on-screen needs.同样,一个清楚地知道文件类型最屏幕上需要合适的。 Unlike the .jpg file we supply this file with a transparent background making it ideal to put onto coulored backgrounds whether for your website or presentations.不同的是。jpg文件,我们提供一个透明的背景使理想的背景上coulored把是否为您的网站或简报此文件。

.PNG (Potable Network Graphics) 。PNG(可饮用水网络图形)
Like the .gif file this is also transparent but better quality (higher res).像。gif文件,这也是透明的,但更好的质量(高清晰度)。 It is ideal to place on your website if not sitting on a white background and was created to replace the .gif file.它是理想的地方,如果在您的网站没有坐在一个白色背景,并创造了替换。GIF文件。

.EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) 。EPS(内嵌的PostScript)
This file type is the most commonly file used by professional printers and embroiderers etc. They will be able to reduce and increase the size of the image without any loss of quality.这个文件类型是最常见的文件由打印机和刺绣等专业使用,它们将能减少和增加没有任何质量损失的图像的大小。 You may not be able to open this file type on your own machine.你可能无法打开此文件在自己的酒店LOGO设计机器类型。

.AI (Adobe Illustrator) 。人工智能(Adobe Illustrator中)
Adobe Illustrator is the professional program your logo will be designed in and are the 'source' files. Adobe Illustrator的是专业的程序将您的标志设计,并且是'源'文件。 Unlike most other online designers we do not charge to supply this design and give as standard.不像大多数其他的在线设计师,我们不收取提供这种设计,并给予标准。 This file is the best file type to give to professional printers and designers.此文件是最好的文件类型,为专业打印机和设计师。 They will be able to reduce and increase the size of the image without any loss of quality.他们将能够降低,增加没有任何质量损失的图像的大小。 You may not be able to open this file type on your own machine.你可能无法打开此文件在自己的机器类型。

.TTF (True Type Fonts) 。转录因子(True Type字体)
We supply the fonts used in your designs.我们提供您的设计中使用的字体。 You can then upload them to your computer and they will appear in your font dropdown list.然后,您可以将它们上传到您的计算机,他们将出现在您的字体下拉列表。 To upload them simply follow below instructions:要上传他们只需按照以下说明:

1. 1。 extract and save the files we send you to a location of your choice提取和保存的文件,我们向您发送到您选择的位置
2. 2。 hit the 'start' menu and select the 'control panel'点击'开始'菜单,选择'控制面板'
3. 3。 select the 'fonts' folder选择'字体'文件夹
4. 4。 select 'file' -> 'install new font…'选择'文件' - >“安装新字体...'
5. 5。 find the location where you saved the fonts找到保存位置的字体
6. 6。 select 'select all' and press 'ok'选择'全选',然后按'确定'

Why do we request feedback by email?为什么我们要求通过电子邮件反馈意见?

All emails are dealt with in the order they are received.所有邮件都在处理他们所收到的顺序。 If you would like to give feedback by telephone you will speak to an admin member of staff, they will then create a ticket which will be put to the bottom of the email queue.如果您想通过电话反馈给你讲一个管理人员的成员,他们将创造出一种将提交电子邮件的队列底部票。 Phoning us will not speed up the process but delay it.打电话给我们不会加快这一进程,但拖延。 We cannot take any priority orders.我们不能采取任何优先顺序。

Can I finalise more than one logo?我能完成一个以上的标志?

We make an unlimited amount of changes to all logo concepts however as part of all of our packages we supply final files for one chosen logo.然而,作为我们使我们的所有包的一部分的所有标志的概念无限量的变化为我们提供一个最终选择了标识的文件。 If you would like to finalise more than one design it is not a problem however creating all files takes about an hour so we charge a small admin fee of £30+VAT per logo to cover the studio time.如果你想完成一个以上的设计它是没有问题但是创建的所有文件大约需要一小时,以便我们将收取30英镑的小徽标+每工作室的时间支付增值税管理费。

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